My professional background has always been an artistic one. I graduated from the Graphic Academy in Amsterdam and worked for 25 years in New York with all the major cosmetic companies.

My work for those companies consisted of making the models in the photographs look absolutely perfect. This form of art was all done by hand until the end of the 90's when the computer was able to do this work. I figured that cosmetic permanent makeup was the closest form of art to my former profession.

I really enjoy this kind of art form and it gives me so much gratification when the client is very happy and looks so much better.

Cosmetic permanent makeup is an art, and that is why you see so many bad jobs out there and it makes people reluctant to do any permanent makeup procedure themselves, which I fully understand. I can say that at least 25% of my work is redoing procedures that have gone bad, which are mostly eyebrow procedures.

I have been working with people in entertainment, models and regular people, who like to look at their best 24 hours a day. If you have any questions call me at 305-467-0065.